Did you know that Costa Rica has some of the best surfing in all of the America's? Year round waves, warm blue waters, and uncrowded lineups to delight the beginner and advanced alike. If you have never surfed before now is your chance! Todd has the equipment and instructions to fit your needs. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced you will be challenged and have fun. Prior to getting into the water you will have an instructional session on the beach covering expectations, basics, ocean safety, and the surf lesson of the day. Out in the water you will receive instructions on paddeling out, reading the ocean, the waves, and finally "dropping in", riding waves, and wipeout safety.

We are gifted here in the Manuel Antonio area with surf breaks both to the north and south, for those not quite up to the task Todd owns Boogie Boards too. What could be better than getting a great workout, exploring a new aquatic medium, and working on our tans! You are never too old or too young to give it a shot. The best part may be the post-surf recovery massage to complete the circle of wellness. Todd is available every day depending on my massage schedule and depending on the tide, swell, and ocean conditions. Advance notice is crucial. Todd is Red Cross CPR and First Aid certified.

$70 for a two or three hour lesson, transportation included.

Unlike other lessons that can easily be found on the beach there is a customized difference. Todd includes information on equipment (and owns quality boards), history of surfing, varied techniques, and what surfers are "looking for" once they arrive on the beach. Surfing looks easy because it must be smooth....this takes practice and more practice. Often times he is asked to do multiple days which includes traveling to other beaches. Lose the fear as Manuel Antonio is the perfect place to give it a shot!

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