You Are In Good Hands

With heavy hands, and an open heart, I promise to love you while you are on my table.

20+ Years

After massaging for over two decades the process remains the same.

It Begins With Intention

An appointment means I must have the time to be fully present. Years of meditation and breathing techniques allow me to slow time down. I allow myself to open and I must have my head clear and my heart available, it is my oath.

Setting The Vibe

Setting up my table can be extremely valuable time as I hear and observe my clients state of being. From the moment we greet I am scanning how my client moves, what they are really saying, and begin to set up a game plan for the hour or two that follows.

Massaging has never been just a job.

Some come to me for compassion, others with muscular aches, and some just needing a break from their own personal stress. No matter what the reason I see the time I spend working as sacred. I hope that all therapists feel this way.

Massaging has never been just a job or a way to make money for me, it is out of genuine love and inspiration that I do what I do. I have a tremendous respect for body work and go about the process accordingly. I find this sense of urgency lacking in most spa environments. When people schedule with me I am obligated to be the best I can be with the valuable time we are spending together. I am more of a spiritual man than a religious one and always, always ask for a blessing and say a positive prayer while washing my hands as the client gets on the table. My work is involved, intense, and combines Western style physical work with the knowledge of Eastern style energy flow thus it is profound and gratifying for me.