March 10, 2011

Hey Todd,

Just wanted to shot you an email saying how much Tina and I enjoyed meeting you and Sara!! You were so patient and knowledgable when teaching me how to surf. I already told Tina our next vacation has to be somewhere where I can surf again, now I got the surf bug. Im definitely gonna invest in a wetsuit up here, cause the waters fucking freezing, but I cant wait to go out again.   Tina can’t stop talking about what a great massage you gave her, and that’s speaking volumes from someone who has tried just about everything for her back. Your fiance, Sarah, is awesome, she is a keeper, that’s for sure.   The only thing is we wished we were down for more time to hang out with you both some more. So basically, we just wanted you both to know we really loved meeting you and would love to keep in touch, just in case you are ever around Boston anytime in the future. And I definitely want to hear more about your travels this upcoming fall!!! Im not sure either one of you are on Facebook, but if you are look us up, Elizabeth Young and Tina Mallios. I would look you up, but I never got your last name. Anyways, hope all is well, the surf is good, and life is good—-      Elizabeth and Tina


“A big thanks to Massage Todd from Krista and myself during our vacation to Manuel Antonio. We both really enjoyed our massage sessions with you and it truly helped us relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches and surrounding mountains. I have had many massages here in the states but nothing like yours, my back and right shoulder feel awesome. Next time we’re going to book you for multiple sessions!! You’re the best!!  Thanks again!”                                            Rob Alfieri and Krista Jester   Sarasota, Florida


“Hi Todd, although back in Toronto now I still feel like I am “buzzing” from your massage!  I need to thank you again for your level of professionalism.  You came at a moments notice and seriously rocked my world.  I have a weekly therapist that I’ve known for 20 years and I want to trade him in (lol).  I think you made me 10 years younger and my half-marathon next week is sure to be a PR.  Your knowledge of the body only comes with years of practice and is something I recognize in you being a physical therapist myself.  I wish you the best and can’t wait to see you at the start, middle, AND end of my next Manuel Antonio vacation.  Be well.”
 Anthony Legget