My Bio

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Gandhi

massage-toddGandhi’s quote is the inspiration for my profession as a masseur.  Before attending the New York Institute of Massage in 1998, I spent my post university years traveling the United States and then beyond to Asia, Africa, and Europe.  I was searching for something that seemed important to me, something that would fulfill my nature and seemed significant in my eyes.  I finally committed to bodywork and I now find myself 17 years older with more than 6,000 clients having passed through my hands.  I am still “spreading the love” having found my dream in Costa Rica and still very much inspired.


I arrived in Costa Rica with nothing more than a backpack, a surfboard, and a massage table.  I chose Costa Rica both for its waves and its infancy in knowledge on therapeutic, professional bodywork.  No schools existed and I was the first male therapist in Manuel Antonio when it still was relatively unknown.  I had to live day by day, teaching the hotels and convincing local clients that massage therapy is something valuable and essential to wellness.  Now, Costa Rica has grown into one of the biggest tour destinations in the Americas and Manuel Antonio has a number of spa’s and dozens of places to stay.


I have kept my practice small, trading finances for quality; sticking with what allowed me to earn my keep here.  I market personally to hotels, private rental homes, and am lucky to have a home studio, which allows me to stay away from the middle man.  The business side of spas in my area are disappointing to me and I feel abuse the sanctity of bodywork.


I have spent time pursuing my surfing hobby yet have never known a place so beautiful and powerful to me.  Manuel Antonio, on the central Pacific side of Costa Rica, is an ideal location for me to have my massage practice and to empower others to live their dreams.  I have seen massage clarify, inspire, and be one of the ingredients to personal healing and renewal.  I am more passionate and knowledgeable now, than ever before, with the work I do.  I look forward to meeting new clients and to continue connecting with my past clients and friends.  I give thanks every day for this life we share and the bounties we can spread to each other.