My Mantra

IMG_5765Massage work fits my nature.  My entire life has been about athletics and physical work.  My days are better when I massage.  Practicing bodywork simply feels “right” and aligns with my higher values.  I feel fortunate to have found something so dear to me in my mid 20’s that I hope to do till the day I die.  I put my skills and education to action and in doing so I am in full presence.  It may sound extreme but I say to myself often “suppose this is the last 10 minutes of my life…”  I feel as if I am serving humanity by being a massage therapist, not just for my own profit… truly making the world a better place one body at a time.  The community and entire planet is better with massage in their lives!  My mantra is the key difference between me and my fellow practitioners… it’s a Massage Todd massage!